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I look forward to hearing from you and working with you. I can assure you, your next move will be a pleasant one.

ABOUT Susan Stone, owner of
Pleasant Transitions

My senior transition service began several years ago, when I helped my Godmother, Aunt Lib, as she moved from her home of 53 years and relocated to a new home. This resulted in the most satisfying and fulfilling work that I had ever done. Afterwards, I decided to start my business because I wanted to continue helping other moving seniors.


My customer service experience for over 20 years, along with my enjoyment of working with seniors, has laid a firm foundation for my business.


It is my great privilege to work in a business where we can minimize stress and make a positive difference in the lives of transitioning seniors, while assisting them in a compassionate and caring manner.


At the end of move day, when I see relieved,relaxed and happy seniors and their families, it means that our business mission has been accomplished. 






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